Knowing what weakens your aura is critical. A weak aura exposes you to manifesting a negative reality. It also exposes you to occurrences like financial loss, career struggles, toxic relationships, bad health, emotional problems, etc.

By contrast … a strong aura allows you to manifest a positive reality. When you operate on high frequency, you’re more likely to attract financial abundance, a career you enjoy, great relationships, top-notch health, emotional stability, etc. It also allows you to manifest, meditate and attract positivity into your life easily.

So … let’s continue the article.

What Is Your Aura

weak aura

Aura by definition is the emanation surrounding a living creature. Or simply put, it’s the energy you convey and hold. Every living thing (people, plants, animals, etc.) has its own unique aura and identity.

Your aura reveals the energy levels you currently have. It indicates how much motivation, drive and focus you’ll have throughout the day. It also shows how much joy/sadness you’re carrying. Most of the time, we’re unconsciously doing things that weakens our aura.

However, this is a problem because your aura plays a huge part in dictating your life direction. You may be thinking … how does my aura play a big role in my life? The answer is simple. Your aura plays a big part because it reveals how much joy or sadness you have.

The more sad and bitter you are, the weaker your aura is. Conversely, the more joy you have, the stronger your aura is. When you allow negative emotions to prevail, your aura becomes weaker. Therefore, it’s important you recognize what weakens your aura.

You may not know it … but there’s a lot of factors which can weaken your aura. Some of those are 100% emotional or mental blockages while others are purely physical objects or causes. In this article, I’ll be sharing the more common things which weaken your aura. Without further ado, let’s get into the X things that strongly weakens your aura.

1. Hanging Around Toxic People

Without realizing it, you’re constantly exchanging energies wherever you go. People, places, movies, music and media have a strong influence on your energy and aura. If you haven’t spiritually worked on yourself, it’ll be easy for these things to influence your aura.

However, the biggest influence of all is people. That is, others’ energy, thoughts, ideas, opinions and standards will deeply impact you if you don’t have a strong aura. If you hang around toxic people, that’s guaranteed to weaken your aura.

Toxicity is simply people who drain your energy when you’re around them. By hanging around people who are constantly angry, sad, envious, bitter, depressed, suicidal or abusive … you’re going to weaken your aura in no time.

In turn, this leads to lack of motivation, despair in life, confusion, etc. Therefore, it’s important to be mindful of who you hang out with.

“You can’t change the people around you but you can change the people around you.”

To strengthen your aura you must decide to either eliminate the toxic people out of your life … OR learn to stay detached from the emotions of others. I prefer the former as hanging around toxic people doesn’t benefit really you.

Another example of toxicity is when you rescue someone (a victim). You can read more about the Drama Triangle here to gain a better understanding of these roles. When you cling onto people, it’ll not only affect you but also them. It affects you because you’re taking on energy that isn’t yours … and it affects them because it’s their path to walk (not yours).

Therefore, having healthy relationships as opposed to toxic ones is far better. It’ll allow your aura to become stronger. Hanging around toxic people only weakens your aura.

2. Your Thoughts Can Weaken Your Aura

Your thoughts can be your heaven or hell. Meaning, your life is determined by where you focus your energy. You have the power to focus on the positives or negatives of life. The one you choose will manifest your reality accordingly.

Most people are too concerned with what was and what will be (rather than living in present). By not focusing on the NOW you create unnecessary burdens for yourself. Those burdens will develop into stress, anxiety and fear. In turn, this will lead to a weak aura.

 I’ll give you an example. Let’s say your current financial position isn’t the best … you struggle to pay bills … and you’re always panicking for this reason. Well … due to your energy being projected into scarcity and fear, you’re going to manifest a reality where those feelings will continue to occur. That is, until you shift your perception and see the benefits/lessons in the situation.

By constantly thinking pessimistically, you’re guaranteed to weaken your aura. So … instead of having a negative outlook on the world … change it to a proactive perspective. By doing so, it’ll help you become more objective and therefore will lead to a stronger aura.

3. Bad Health and Living Environment

Another major factor which weakens your aura is your well-being. That is, your diet, exercise, hygiene, living environment, sleep cycle, etc. Everything falling under the category of “health” plays a big part in your aura. Read How to Manifest Perfect Health.

So … why does your physical health affect your spiritual health? Well, the answer is straightforward. The physical and the spiritual realms correspond with eachother. Meaning, whatever happens on earth occurs in the spirit realm as well.

Let me give you an example. If you’re physically in a bad state … it’s usually a sign something isn’t right mentally and/or emotionally. So … until you fix the internal issue, you’ll continue experiencing the same physical pain.

It’s also important to maintain a clean living environment. When your house is dirty and untidy, it generally represents a chaotic mental state. A chaotic mental state leads to a weaker aura. Therefore, if you desire to strengthen your aura it’s important to have a clear mind. Having a clean atmosphere will help you with this.

Having an inconsistent sleep cycle can also affect your aura. You’ll find this to be true as you’ll feel more moody, tired and stressed without enough sleep.

4. Not Having Fun Weakens Your Aura

In the modern world, we’re taught to work hours in our job to survive. Therefore, we overwork and tire out easily. However, by constantly working and never spending time with yourself and loved ones, you’re bound to weaken your aura.

By focusing too much on the material world of finances, society stature, careers, etc … you forget to enjoy the small and more important things in life. Such as family, having fun, laughing, being present, etc.

The more joy and happiness you have in your life … the stronger your aura will be. By contrast, the more you overwork and stress … the weaker your aura will be. Therefore, find some time where you can go for a walk, create some art, go to the beach, or practice your favourite hobby.

This’ll tremendously help in strengthening your aura. If you continue to work, work, work you’ll find you’re more exposed to a weaker aura. Even if you spend 15 minutes a day doing something you enjoy, this can greatly help you.


It’s important to know what weakens your aura … because when you know the things that does, you can work on shifting them. Otherwise, by not taking action, you’ll be exposed to negative energies. Alternatively, when you have a strong aura, you’re open to boundless opportunities.

To determine how strong your aura is … find out how happy you are. The more sadness you have in your life, the weaker your aura is. The more joy you have, the stronger your aura is.

Therefore, to strengthen your aura, you must cultivate more joy, happiness and love in your life. When you allow negative emotions to prevail … you’ll inevitably weaken your aura. However, this is just one factor.

There’s plenty of things which can weaken your aura. However, there’s 4 things which affects most people. That is …

1. Hanging Around Toxic People

2. Your Thoughts Can Weaken Your Aura

3. Bad Health and Living Environment

4. Not Having Fun Weakens Your Aura

By shifting those 4 factors in your life, you’ll strengthen your aura in no time!

Thank you for reading!

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