Has the question ever came to your mind: “Who really runs the country?”

“Is it actually our “government” that’s in control of the country?”

Well, it certainly is an interesting topic.

Did you know the government actually doesn’t control the world?! What you’re seeing is all a puppet show!

You see the “puppet” (government) running the show and getting in all the action, but what you don’t see is the “puppet master” controlling the whole show!

It’s really interesting isn’t it!

Then Who Really Runs The Country?

Well let’s explore:

The governments are really controlled by the big corporations and banks!


Because they follow the money wherever the money is. It’s called “bribery”.

For example, Governments get elected by the people and big businesses donate lots of money to the party.

This year, there were millions of dollars put into the liberal party in Australia, so basically whoever gives them the money has the control over them.

As for the banks, they have all the money in the world.

They control all the mortgages, so as you can see, the banks are in control of the economy.

And the governments are pretty much just borrowing from them and relying on them to keep the economy with houses, land, etc.


The government must listen and obey the banks!

There’s an old saying that goes:

“The borrower is servant to the lender”. – (Proverbs 22:7)

That is, the borrower is the servant or slave.

You can see the governments are the borrowers, and the banks are the lenders.

So we can see who controls who.

So Who Controls The World?

The big corporations and banks control the government but who controls the banks and corporations!?

Surely, they don’t control the world.

Well guess again, there are thirteen families that control the banks and the world!

They are the backbone of the Illuminati!

You can find the families by clicking here

As you can see, families such as the Rothschilds are included there.

That said, you may not recognise many of these families!


That is the way they’ve intended it from the beginning!

It’s called “The New World Order”.

In Conclusion

The governments of every country don’t really control the world!

Instead, it’s the corporations and banks that really control the world!

Especially the big pharma!

What you see is all a puppet show!

The governments are the puppets running the show and getting all the attention, but the puppet master is behind everything controlling the whole show!

So make sure you take back your power today!

Learn to take charge of your own hologram and create the reality you desire!

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