Facing adversity is an essential part of growth and evolution.


Because when you experience times of misfortune, disasters, bad luck, etc. it’s the universe’s way of telling you something needs to be fixed.

It’s the universe urging you to learn, grow and evolve.

Currently, the world is facing strong adversary (i.e. coronavirus) and it’s all intended to get us, a collective, back to priorities and what’s important.

That is, family, creativity, health, ethical dealings, finding your purpose, etc.

When misfortune befalls us, our natural inclination is to complain, whinge, rage, stress, grieve and become a victim.

Negative thoughts evoke, such as “why does this only happen to me”, “how am I going to cope and move on”, “This is never going to end”, etc.

But when you constantly project negative thoughts, it’ll continue manifesting in your life in different forms.

The reason behind this is simple …

Think of a pure water source.

Although the water is pure and clean, if you continue pouring dirt, litter and pollution into it, it’ll inevitably lose its purity and cleanliness.

That is, until all the muck is removed it’ll temporarily diminish in its purity.

It’ll remain contaminated until someone learns that rubbish and pollution doesn’t benefit the water.

You can apply this same principle to your thoughts.

If you keep feeding your mind with negative thoughts and emotions, you’ll remain contaminated until you discover what the universe is teaching you.

Therefore, it’s important to have control over your thoughts.

Letting go and receiving the messages of the universe will greatly benefit you.

You may not have control over what happened, but you have control over what happens next.

That is, your response, mannerisms, actions, decisions, thoughts, perception, etc.

Although it may be difficult, responding in a proactive manner will benefit you more so than a reactive and defensive manner.

Seek and discover the benefits in scenarios that appear disastrous or negative on the surface.

Because underneath all the turmoil, the universe is building and shifting you.

Think of it like tough love from a mother.

On the surface it may appear mean or unfair how the mother treats her son, but she does it because of the deep love she has for her child.

She wants to see her child grow and evolve from his mistakes.

Another example is your health.

The physical pains in your body are always indicative of what’s happening internally.

That is, there’s always deeper meanings behind sickness.

This is because the external is merely a manifestation of the internal.

As an example, problems around the throat region always trace back to suppressing your truth.

This is because the throat allows you to verbally express yourself. Therefore, soreness around the throat means you’re not expressing your truth to others.

Issues around money, health, family and spirituality have one common denominator.

That is, you.

The truth is, no one can control your emotions bar you.

Misfortunes and adversities are tests for you to learn, grow and evolve.

The truth is, no one can control your emotions bar you.

Misfortunes and adversities are tests for you to learn, grow and evolve.

Through experience, you gain wisdom and intelligence.

Therefore, when tragedies befall you, it’s imperative to grasp the bigger picture of why it’s happening to you.

It may be to slow down, become more systematic, express and liberate yourself, become more generous, deal fairly and ethically, etc.

I can’t give a direct answer as to why and what you’re experiencing. I can only assist you.

Only you can unravel what the universe is revealing to you.

Trust your intuition and allow the universe to be your guide.

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