We’ve all heard stories about pyramids being built, especially in Egypt. There’s the Great Pyramid of Giza, Great Sphinx and many more amazing pyramids!

However there’s one thing about pyramids which will really fascinate you, and that is: They an incredibly powerful tool for healing!

Why is that? So let’s break it down.

Pyramids have been built with sacred geometry, for example; The Great Pyramid has the exact measurements of the earth’s size and length!

It even contains the measurements for the distance from our earth to the sun, and to the star alignments etc.

How crazy is that?!

What else makes Pyramids so powerful?

They have been proven to have transformative power over the earth, as well as the people’s consciousness.

How Can You Heal Yourself With Pyramids?

Healing yourself with pyramids is a brilliant way to release any negative energy within you while filling yourself with purified energy, and the beautiful thing is it’s really simple to do!

You lay down, close your eyes, and visualise a Pyramid the size of your body.

You then visualise the Pyramid expanding so big that you’re just standing inside.

By doing this you really feel the energy and power of the pyramids!

What other healing purposes are there associated with Pyramids?

There’s quite a bit!

  • When a physical pyramid is built a certain way, amazing things happen! Food such as meat, fish and eggs can be preserved when left for a few days! But that’s not all!
  • Plants stay fresh and alive without being watered!
  • Coffee, wine, liquor and tobacco have a better aroma!
  • And many more!

Based off these facts, you can not only heal yourself with pyramids, but you can also energise food and make it healthy!

This is something we personally do.

Here’s what you can do to energise your food/drinks and make it healthier:

Firstly, close your eyes and breathe deeply until you’re in a relatively deep state.

Next, Imagine a black tornado spinning counter-clockwise taking out all the non beneficial ingredients.

Once you feel all the negativity is taken out of the food/drink, imagine a pink tornado spinning clockwise filling the food/drink with nutrients and beneficial ingredients.

Finally, Visualise a pyramid coming over the food and adding longevity, prosperity, nutrients and positive ingredients.

This method can be done the same when you’re healing yourself.

Here’s an interesting fact to know: The taller a Pyramid is, the more powerful it is!

Pyramids can even transform anything that’s harmful or toxic!

How do they do that?

They’re kept inside the Pyramid. Here’s what happens:

Poisons, toxins and other viruses were less destructive if they were in a Pyramid for a short amount of time! That’s not all!

Studies also found that radioactive materials decayed at a much lower speed!

Psychedelic drugs like LSD had less of an effect on people inside or within a close range of the Pyramid

This may sound crazy, but pyramids can be brilliant for disasters and outbreaks! What exactly does that mean? It means the chances of tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, etc. all dramatically drop!

Let’s give one last example:

The 300 kilometre column of energy appeared around a 22 metre Pyramid built on Seliger Lake and after several months, the ozone hole sitting over the area had substantially improved!

Even more incredibly, as time went on, streams of water appeared in the nearby countryside and a stork set up a nest. The fields became covered with flowers which were believed extinct!

That is, the land was healed, restored and renewed! Can you imagine how this could transform the earth!

You can now see how powerful pyramids are! Imagine how powerful an energetic pyramid over yourself can be.

In Conclusion

Pyramids are so powerful for healing because they contain lots of energy and power. This is why you can use them to heal yourself and others!

They also reduce chances of worldwide disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis etc!!

They are also used to heal, restore and transform the earth. Lastly, they’re terrific for plants, food, toxins, drugs and much more!

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