Firstly: What are Energetic Imprints?

Energetic imprints are blockages inside you that’s stopping you from growing and evolving both spiritually and financially!

In another blog, we talked about Karmic & Ancestral blockages.

That is just one part of energetic imprints!

There are plenty more blockages you may not be aware of!

If you haven’t read our Karmic & Ancestral blockages article, make sure you do as we believe it’s one of the biggest energetic blockages stopping you from growing and evolving spiritually and financially!

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In today’s topic, we desire to go over energetic blockages you may have got from your parents or childhood without realizing!

Did you know you can easily pick up your parents’ energy when you’re a young child?!

You won’t even be aware of it until you clear it!

In fact, people underestimate how big of an impact your parents’ energetic imprints have on you!

I am not saying your parents are bad people, they don’t even realize their energy gets imprinted on you unless they’re really evolved.

Still All Confusing?

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you’re 3 years old, and your parents are going through a hard time together both financially and emotionally.

They constantly have arguments

Unfortunately that energy will be put on you and never go away until you clear it!

What Does That Mean For Me?

When you have parental blockages, you must clear it!

Have you ever felt sad, depressed, angry, terrified, etc but never knew why?

The chances are it’s old energy you picked up from your parents that’s causing you to feel the same pain they did since it’s not your energy!

Like I said before, your parents are not bad people, it’s just that their energy gets put on you subconsciously!


What Are Childhood Imprints?

Childhood imprints are blockages of energy you got from your childhood.

This can be from a result of:

  • Being bullied
  • Emotionally abused
  • Physically abused
  • And so on.

People don’t realise how important it is to clear these blockages!

If you constantly feel sad, depressed, angry etc.

It could all be because of your energetic blockages from your early childhood or parents that have not been cleared yet!

Why Is It So Easy To Pick Up Blockages From My Parents Of Childhood?

The answer is simple:

When your parents are arguing, when you’re being bullied or whatever it may be, your subconscious mind picks up the negative energy unless you’re aware of it and protect yourself from that energy!

There are 5 different brain states.

What that means is there are 5 different speeds your brain thinks and works at.

They are:

  • Gamma
  • Theta
  • Delta
  • Alpha
  • And Beta.

When you’re a young child, you’re in what’s called a “Delta” brain state.

This means your brain thinks really slowly and you’re in a very relaxed, dreamy mood.

This is the brain state you go into when you meditate!

Since your mind is so relaxed, energy is a lot easier to pick up whether it’s positive or negative!

In Conclusion

When you feel sad, depressed, angry or scared and you don’t know why, the chances are it’s energetic blockages from your parents or early childhood!

Energy is a lot easier to pick up as a child so whatever your parents were thinking or doing: Their energy was picked up by your subconscious mind and now it’s in your blood!

You need to make sure you clear these blockages!

If you’re keen to clear imprints around your parents and childhood, and know it’s a BIG problem in your life…

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